I Remember The Day I Had To Tell My Child About Santa Claus

It was fifteen days before Christmas and my child came home from school crying saying to us that his friends at school told him that their were no Santa.

It was a very difficult moment for him all his hopes for that toy to come, all the memory he had with us talking about Santa, in a way he felt deceived all his young life, to believe in someone that does not exist.

We went to the living room and as he sat on my lap having a glass of chocolate milk I began to tell him the story of Santa.

I realize that I had to be truthful to him and who Santa was so I began to talk and I told him, Santa was not the Santa that he knew, that long ago Santa became a fat old man because he represented a person who was happy because many people saw fat people long ago as happy.

I explain that Santa was old because old people were said to be kind and generous and that Santa represented humanity someone old and kind and generous.

I said also that he represented the universe and that whatever you ask for from the universe you would get as long as you really desire it intensely.

He was still young and did not catch all of what I said yet he was able to understand that Santa appeared to be one thing and yet he was another as he said to me out loud “oh I know now it is like batman who has to keep his identity secret” and I said yes, hoping one day he will understand.

After that one faithful day that change my child life, it would seem it did not bother him when his friends at school mention that there were no more Santa, he knew in his heart that Santa stood for something else.


Have You Woken Up?


Time wasting can very easily play a large part in our everyday lives, so if we are not careful with how we use our time or if we are not careful in how we conduct our lives, then we may very easily find that we have done nothing and have nothing to show for our lives so far, be it alone or with other people in our life. Your time is precious to us all, we must learn to use it wisely each day in our lives instead of wasting it, this is important to everyone So by achieving some time management in our life, will mean in due course, that you will soon find that your life will come (even if it is organised chaos) into some sort of order, this is something we should consider when involved in any project during our daily lives.

There is also a likelihood that you could find that it is not really necessary in the initial stages of any of the schemes that are in development you are working on, to be on the slow side when you are drawing up your plans for the future, try a steady plod towards your goal and blend accuracy with patience so that you don’t waste your time. It is also fairly important for you to note, that excessive details can and may well cause you permanent breakdown, of any project that you could be working on, which may in turn lead to several irrelevant time consuming debates and other time wasting moves as well, these in turn will reflect badly on the way things could be going for you and possibly on others involved as well. Try to be aware of any potential pitfalls that could easily cause you problems if you are not careful; ie, if you find that you have insufficient details in your plans.

To the best of your own natural abilities, try to do your level best to use your mental and physical energy to the best of your very own numerous capabilities, so whilst you are doing this, try coupling them to your natural abilities as you go along the many paths of your life, learning all that is needed and more at the time in question, for immediate or learnt and remembered for future use. You will find that by retaining knowledge at the correct time and being sensibe in this way, will help you to reach the very valuable target that you are currently aiming to reach in your life.

The targets in your own life, will not be achieved if you act in a slapdash way, with scant regard to those around you, so try to be as generous as the present conditions will allow, this in turn will mean that all benefit, maybe not very obvious in the short term, but definitely at some point in the future, by doing this you can in turn be generous towards those not involved directly at this time as well. In a nutshell, the target you are striving to reach can be reached if you are realistic about your aims and content with the results as you reach each goal, this in turn means that your aims in life can easily become something that you can really be proud of at the end of each day, as long as practice, patience and understanding are applied by you.

When you are seemingly on your own in a new venture and are trying your best to break new ground at the same time, then you will find that this new venture can sometimes be with new people, as well as other known people being involved as well, then as long as the move that you are attempting to make, is in the right direction, that the cause is a noble one and that it is not self-orientated at the expense of others, you can then be sure that compromise will only rear it’s ugly head, whenever and wherever a minor matter is concerned. So try your best to be as honest as you can be with yourself and also with other interested parties as well, so that as long as you try your level best to focus on all the details and all of the developments that are currently in hand and not only on matters that intercede, nor on any irrelevant issues that may occur at various times, your own progress will be assured at the end of the day.

Sometimes it may seem that when an incident happens in your own life and you find that you are insecure about anything and possibly in turn uncertain about what is going on at the time, or may possibly be lying in the background of the event, one of the best moves that you can make at a time like this, is to pause for a short while and take a break from the situation that is in hand, by getting on with something else. Generally speaking, you will find that after a short break when uncertainty does occur in your own life, the problem has all but solved itself, as you will be in a better position to see it in a new light, when you return to it after a break. If you still find that the event is still difficult to cope with then try not to bottle it up, this will be counter productive for you for you if caution is not observed. Over what may be a long period of time this can cause you a lot of mental anguish because you have allowed it to fester in your mind, the best thing that you can do is to seek out some form of support and advice so that you can get it out in the open and off your chest.

Uncertainty can be a bug-bear at various times in your life, as often in every life from time to time, sometimes it seemingly does not affect others in our lives and sometimes it does, which may well mean that it can be very hard for any of us, to be aware of any changes that need to be made, be they subtle or drastic. To feel that rules do not apply is not very clever so try to avoid such an event in your mind, at times like this, try your best (no-one elses) to live by the courage of your convictions, especially when an incident has a large impact on your life, which may or not be detrimental to you. You will find that it is advisable during times like this, to live with others in your life and to generally learn to rely on your very own natural instincts, you will find that these instincts can be helped along by sitting back at the right time and by not rushing into things too quickly, try using patience as a useful prop in your life. If you are not careful in ways of interaction, the effect on those today that may not be apparent now, could overflow onto others we all encounter later on in our lives.

You will find that during times of deep emotional stress in your life that it can be and is very important for you to keep your own beliefs at this time in the goals that you wish to try and achieve in your life. You may well find that if you are not careful, that the negative side of you will keep twittering on in an aimless way, but the positive side of you which possibly has a real purpose going for it, will be nullified and rendered temporarily useless for a short while. As you progress ever onwards and your negative views subside, then as you learn and become more aware about the situation that is around you, may mean that you will find out in due course that gradually you may well come to ignore your own doubts and as your knowledge and experience changes, you will have developed an increased ever growing confidence in yourself, then you may well find that various things will improve for you in (Maybe it will not be over night), a possibly marked way, that will benefit others as well, instead of just you in bits and pieces as an individual. So with only a little bit of effort from you, progress can and will be made by you and others involved, this in turn will at the end of the day, cause you to realise and find out that the necessary steps and strides forwards come fairly easily as you learn more about yourself.

There comes a time in our life, when we have to stop, look and listen, not only to ourselves and not only at what is going on, but also at how other people are reacting to us as well, be it the situations before them or the relationships that we have with them, a time that tends to turn up now and again, a time which pulls us into line and makes us take a good look at ourselves in a new light. It is a move that has to be made every now and again; it is for our own good so that we may well find that other people are involved in our schemes. To make these considerate moves at various times in our life, will enable our own progress to continue in an effortless way. You will find that these moves are necessary now and again, so that you can recognise that you can no longer live in the past, to remind you that everyone has a future and that the present needs tidying up.

You will find that you should be able to see that there are various things that have happened in your life to date, be they emotional or mental problems in our lives, that need sorting out quite soon, things that you may well have rejected from your own daily life so far. If you are to carry on moving forwards in your own life, a life that has seemed until this time to have stopped moving forwards. Although looking at your own life can be upsetting to you, there is nothing for you to fear if you are realistic with your thoughts, so just as long as you are not negative whilst pondering on the problems in hand, then you can take a good look at yourself, meaning you can then move on steadily and replace your old life with modern up to date reality, which in turn will soon enable you to make some real progress forwards in your coming life.

Though it maybe bad for us to live in the past, some of us still go ahead and do this on a regular day-to-day basis and very much to our own disadvantage. There are various parts of our past that should be forgotten, but seldom are, so it would be wise and much better for us, if we learn to use the past to our advantage, to use it in a far more constructive way in our daily life than we are doing at the moment. You will then find that by observing the rule that the past is the past and the present is now and the future will not happen for us if we fail to learn from them. Will in turn mean that you can ensure a better and much brighter future for yourself as well as others around you, also by learning from and using the past as a beneficial building block for today and tomorrow, will allow you to see / find find that this will in turn allows you to prepare for the coming days ahead of you. By being more constructive with your now looming future, will enable progress and preparation for the future that is now ahead of you, so by being more constructive with the past life that you have allowed in to-date, you will find that it can be applied to all your dealings with others as well, as your involvement with other people is a must, if you are to get on in your own life.

As the time comes for you to put a plan into action, possibly a plan that has taken up a lot of your time, you may find that you have encouraged some form of opposition to the scheme that you are developing, this opposition is probably from parties that are involved in rival projects at the same time. You will generally become aware during the coming days as they emerge, that you will find that the opposition that you encounter is mainly from those around you who feel that they are being disadvantaged by your own proposals. So in an effort to discourage this sort of dissent before it happens, you are best advised to modify your plans, before you get around to using them as this would be much better for you, if you spent a little more time on your planning, before hatching your plans to the world at large, you would sometimes experience an enforced delay and this can be an advantage. You are likely to find that you would also be better off, if you can find yourself in a position to explain the plans clearly and properly, to all that maybe concerned in a place that has a neutral atmosphere and will not introduce unnecessary friction among those present.

Now that you have a pretty good idea about what is going on in your life and you know what you want out and what you want in your life, then stop and think again carefully, as you will see that not all is as clear as it seems, you will find that you can be far more efficient in how you spend your time doing things that need doing properly, in so doing you may find, instead of placing some irrelevant milestones due to their easy nature at the forefront try to be more constructive. It is only prudent at this time that you ask yourself the following question “How can I carry on living life as I am doing and justify my own behaviour so far to date”? Generally, you may also find out that after some consideration on your part, that the information that you were looking for, was there all the time and that you will begin to see things in a much more different light and process your life accordingly.


Atlanta Schools in the Real World

Atlanta schools will receive $22 million in funding from the General Electric Corporation. These funds will be used to improve the level of math and science education that students are receiving by providing improved training for teachers in these subject areas.

Generous Gift for Atlanta Schools

This certainly is a generous gift for Atlanta schools, and any measures that can provide students in this part of the country with an improved curriculum are most welcome by Atlanta school administrators, students, and parents alike. My concern, though, is that these funds will ultimately benefit only a few students.

Atlanta Schools Should Offer More Options to Students

It can certainly be argued that the world of the future will need people who are well versed in technology. The students attending Atlanta schools should have the opportunity to learn about these important topics; that’s a given. Looking at the student body as a whole (and this applies to every jurisdiction, not just those young people attending the Atlanta schools), how many graduates will actually pursue higher education in those fields?

My thought is that we should offer our young people several options when it comes to life after school. Do we tell them to keep their options open, because they are likely to change careers a few times during adulthood? (I don’t know about Atlanta schools, but I would guess that this fact is not brought up.) What about the concept that by the time the group of students currently attending grade school graduates, there will be job titles created that don’t even exist now? How does this grant to Atlanta schools address these issues?

Instead of teaching young people to zero in on one subject area to specialize in, let’s have them be “generalists” for as long as possible. The students attending Atlanta schools want to be successful in life, just as students in other jurisdictions do. Let’s give them a good well-rounded education that includes math and sciences, but also has room for English, history, geography, and foreign languages. A broad base of knowledge will help them prepare for life after school.

Speaking of life after school, if we want to teach the students about math, let’s give them math that will be relevant to their daily lives. Do they know how interest rates are calculated on a credit card statement? How do mortgages work? Can they set up a budget for their living expenses? It can be argued that more students in Atlanta schools today will need these types of math skills than what they will learn from taking algebra and calculus.


BlackBerry 7130c Review – A Review of the BlackBerry 7130c Cellular Phone

Maximize the wireless experience with the BlackBerry 7130c. This stunning cell phone provides everything necessary to stay connected in style. This unit boasts a clever design and accessible layout. This BlackBerry is a prime example of efficient and fun multimedia communication devices.

The BlackBerry 7130c boasts 64 MB of internal memory for ample storage and convenience. The system uses the generous memory efficiently with its many features. Users can store contact information in the generous address books designed for quick access, organization and connections.

The BlackBerry 7130 is compatible with popular Personal Information Management (PIM) software programs allowing for the ultimate organizational experience. Users can also take advantage of the handy memo pad for quick reminders and a task list that helps to keep a to-do list in top priority. The calendar provides ample opportunity for creating doable schedules.

Messaging services include short messaging service (SMS) for quick and silent text entries and multimedia messaging service (MMS) for pictures and sounds merged into fast correspondences. The phone offers outstanding sound quality and users can take advantage of hands-free convenience.

There are two components in the BlackBerry 7130 that provide hands-free convenience. The integrated speakers allow for independent correspondences and Bluetooth technology adds to this convenience with safety-conscious car kits and headsets.

While hands-free convenience is quite appealing, many have difficulty putting the BlackBerry multimedia communication device down for very long. The unit boasts SureType keyboard technology with a QWERTY-style layout. The system is easy to navigate using these stunning features.

Also stunning is the unit’s brightly lit high resolution display that boasts 65,000-color support. The display comes to good use with the integrated Web browser offering quick and reliable access to the Internet. Users can check email and even open attachment documents using the mobile phone. Personalization is available using polyphonic ring tones in MIDI or MP3 formats.